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San Donato’s Vermouth

Vermouth’s has a millennial history, one of its ancestor, in fact, was no less than the famous spiced wine that was found in ancient Greece described in works such as the Iliad, the Odyssey, the Symposium … Our Vermouth today is a fortified and flavored white with aromatic herbs, flowers and spices.
On our label you will find some of the herbs and fruits used in vermouth: chamomile, orange, gentian .. Legend has it that the name, wermut, derives from the German Wehr – army – and Mut – courage.
Legend also has it that Vermouth originated in Turin in the 18th century, when Antonio Benedetto Campano decided to create his own variant of Moscato, following the recipes of the monks, which he put up for sale in his shop. His drink became so famous that it became the court aperitif. From then on, an unbridled success. In fact, even today Vermouth remains the prince of numerous cocktails such as Negroni, Martini or Manhattan. However, our Vermouth is also very good on its own.


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Deep soil, pliocene sand and clays, guyot growing method

White wine. 

We have combined the recipe for red Vermouth with that of amber Vermouth.

The white wine base is 75%. The spices used in the recipe are about 30 for each type of Vermouth that we combined. The predominant ones are:

  • Absinthe, Gentian, Chamomile, Mediterranean Citrus: Bitter Orange, Lemon, Cedar, Black Pepper, Natural Caramel

Deep amber.

Persistent and aromatic with marked spicy and herbal notes of mugwort, cinnamon, gentian, orange.

A deep and warm palate with sumptuous bittersweet balance and herbal notes.

Try it straight, with ice or in wine-based cocktails.

7° C

16% vol. 750 ml.

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Vermouth cocktails

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